Смерть в Газпроме Юрий Воронов

The body of the general director of gazprom’s contracting organization Astra-Shipping, 61-year-old Yuri Voronov, was found in a pool with a shot through the head.

This is the fifth death among entrepreneurs associated with Gazprom’s structures.

Yuri Voronov, according to his wife, on July 1 went out of town to the elite village of “Sea Terraces” where the businessman had his own cottage with a swimming pool.

The examination established that the man was shot at point-blank range, and his death occurred between midnight and five in the morning on July 4.

About 2 weeks before the tragedy, Yuri Voronov began to abuse alcohol. The wife of the deceased associates this with problems in business, the company “Astra-Shipping” showed a loss of 95 million rubles ($ 1583333), in 2021 it went into minus by 65 million ($ 1083333).

Astra-Shipping specialized in the execution of Gazprom’s contracts in the Arctic.

Police are investigating.



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