Assassination attempt on Osechkin

Vladimir Osechkin, founder of the human rights project, said in an interview with journalist Yulia Latynina that they tried to kill him in his house in France.

Vladimir Osechkin is known for publishing a video of torture and rape of prisoners in Russian prisons in 2021. Shortly after these publications, the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Alexander Kalashnikov, lost his post, and the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a number of laws toughening punishment for torture in Russian prisons.

In February of this year, Osechkin reported that, according to insiders, representatives of Chechnya were looking for a hired killer from among Chechen emigrants.

A few days before the assassination attempt on Osechkin, Hristo Grozev, an investigative journalist for the Bellingcat project, told him about the assassination attempt that was being prepared for him.

Osechkin went with his family to the mountains for a few days, and when he returned, he accidentally, while in the house, noticed a red dot from a laser sight on the wall.

Osechkin lay down on the floor and at that time soft pops were heard. He and his family waited out the attack for some time in the most secure room, and then the police were called by him.

Vladimir Osechkin warmly thanked Hristo Grozev, because it was thanks to his warning that the assassination attempt did not take place.


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