Pistol instead of meat grinder

A woman from St. Petersburg ordered a meat grinder in an online store. However, a surprise awaited her. Instead of a meat grinder, she got a gun.

A resident of St. Petersburg ordered a household meat grinder in an online store. He decided to receive the order through the issuing point.

Indeed, a couple of days later she received a notification that the ordered meat grinder was awaiting delivery at the centralized point of issue of orders.

The woman decided to check the presence of the order in the box, but a surprise awaited her: instead of a meat grinder, the box contained a pistol and 7 live cartridges.

The dampened Makarov pistol was redesigned for combat
The dampened Makarov pistol was redesigned for combat

The woman decided to conduct a further test of the product’s performance together with the police.

The weapon was examined and seized. According to the expert, the pistol was made in a handicraft way from a blanked Makarov pistol.

Either the seller misinterpreted the concept of “meat grinder” somewhat, or the orders were mixed up at the logistics point, but the police had many questions for the “meat grinder” seller.

The sale of short-barreled weapons (except for gas and traumatic pistols) is strictly prohibited in Russia. An attempt to sell a pistol implies the initiation of a criminal case under several articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation at once.

However, it is clear that the gun was intended for sale to some other buyer, and it must be assumed that he also received his order.

It would be interesting to look at his face when, instead of a Makarov pistol, he found a household meat grinder in the box.



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