A fallen Ukrainianmade kamikaze drone was found in the Moscow region

The remains of the fallen UJ-22 Airborne drone were found by a local resident. Special services called to the scene discovered that the drone was filled with 17 kg of C4 explosives.

Crashed Ukrainian drone near Noginsk

Sappers neutralized explosives for 5 hours. In total, 30 briquettes of 570 grams were extracted.

It is reported that the drone fell in the Noginsk region and this is a very curious fact. The fact is that the Noginsky district of the Moscow region is located east of Moscow (55.811903392427325, 38.20936641396003).

Crash site of Ukrainian drone
Crash site of Ukrainian drone

Thus, the Ukrainian drone successfully overcame the most powerful, according to Russian propaganda, air defense system of the Moscow Military District, flew around Moscow and fell 60 km outside the city.

What target they wanted to hit the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of a drone is unknown, but there are a large number of military facilities in the Noginsk region.

On April 6, Ukrainian banker Volodymyr Yatsenko announced a reward of 20,000,000 hryvnias ($542,932) to an unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer whose drone will land on Red Square in Moscow during the May 9 holiday parade.


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