Девочка в полотенце

In Sergiev Posad, a teacher called the guardianship authorities and removed a 14-year-old girl from lessons for “candid” photos in the bathroom.

The schoolgirl took a selfie in the bathroom secretly from her parents. At the same time, she was in a swimsuit and covered most of her body with a towel.

She sent these photos to the boy who posted them on the social network. The teacher saw the photo, considered them too frank and called the guardianship service who took the schoolgirl directly from the lessons and sent her to the orphanage.

The schoolgirl’s mother was outraged by what had happened. She was able to pick up her daughter from the orphanage only two days later.

It is reported that the woman brings up two more children and intends to write complaints about the guardianship service and the behavior of the teacher.


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