Vice President of Lukoil jumped out of the window

This is the sixth death of top managers of large Russian companies.

The incident happened around 7:00 am today. Ravil Maganov was treated at the Central Clinical Hospital due to heart problems.

Suddenly, the guards heard a noise and a blow. As it turned out, Ravil Maganov fell from the 6th floor of the hospital building.

Whether he did it on purpose or it was an absurd accident will establish the investigation, but this is far from the first death of top managers of Russian companies:

  • On July 27, under strange circumstances, the general director of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau named after academician Arkady Shipunov, Dmitry Konoplev, died. Shipunov Design Bureau produced weapons for the Russian army.
  • On July 6, the body of Yuri Voronov, the general director of the Gazprom contracting organization Astra-Shipping, was found in the pool with a bullet wound in the head.
  • On April 21, former Novatek top manager Sergei Protosenya was found dead in Lloret de Mar, Spain. The man died from suffocation.
  • On April 18, former vice president of Gazprombank, Vladislav Avaev, shot and killed his wife and daughter and committed suicide.
  • On February 25, the body of Alexander Tyulakov was discovered in an elite cottage settlement near St. Petersburg. A posthumous note was found next to the body.

‘Lukoil’ is one of the largest Russian oil companies, the second in terms of oil production in Russia.


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