T34 Thunderstorm Leopards

The Ural Carriage Works, which produces tanks, has announced the production of modernized tanks from the time of the Great Patriotic War T-34.

The T-34 tanks will be equipped with new, more powerful engines, they will be equipped with dynamic protection, thermal imaging optics and a semi-automatic loading mechanism.

Modified T-34

War correspondents report that the updated T-34 tanks will be many times superior to the German Leopards and British Challengers in terms of performance.

Earlier, users of social networks noticed trains with T-54 tanks heading towards Ukraine.

Russian propagandists say Russia could take hundreds of T-34s off their pedestals and form a new tank corps.

A huge number of monuments with T-34 tanks have been installed in Russia. These monuments symbolize the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany in 1945.

T-34 on a pedestal

Ural Carriage Works announced the modernization of 100 T-34 tanks by the end of 2023.

However, do not be ironic about outdated tanks from the times of the USSR. According to various estimates, Russia inherited from 25 to 30,000 obsolete tanks from the USSR.

If at least 5,000 of these tanks are upgraded and sent to the combat zone, this may have certain consequences for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as happened during the autumn mobilization in Russia, when 300,000 poorly trained recruits armed with rusty machine guns were able to stabilize the situation at the front.


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