State Duma deputy Andrei Gurulev on a political talk show proposed to destroy 20% of Russian citizens who oppose Putin.

In his speech he said:

And so I would like that in this society of ours, which trusts the president [Putin] 80%, and this is precisely the indicator of unity that exists today, so that all this rot that remains… this rot should be, well, if not isolated, then at least somehow destroyed.

Deputy Andrei Gurulev, who is also a major general in reserve, is known for his harsh statements on the verge of normality.

Previously, he called for bombing European countries with nuclear weapons and reintroducing the concept of ‘enemy of the people‘ in Russia.

The appearance of deputy Andrei Gurulev gives the impression of a heavy drinker. There are jokes about him that 2 boxes of vodka can be placed in the bags under Gurulev’s eyes.


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