The head of the Rodina party, Alexei Zhuravlev, said that two million Ukrainians should be killed and compared the Azov regiment with the SS, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the Wehrmacht.

On the rossiya 1 TV channel live during a political talk show, he said:

In total, we will get 5% incurable [Ukrainians]. In simple terms, two million people who are now ready to do all this [demolition of monuments of the times of the USSR] . Which the SS is ready to revive. Because [regiment] Azov is the fascist SS, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the Wehrmacht. Well, it’s obvious that’s what’s going on.

These two million people should have either left Ukraine or should have been denazified. That is, destroyed.

After the death of Vladimir Zhirinovsky , the vacancy of the court clown from politics was free. This role is claimed by Alexey Zhuravlev , who is known in Russia for an amazing story about a brothel for zoophiles in Denmark and the rape of turtles.

After that, the nickname ‘the Turtlefucker‘ was firmly fixed for Alexey Zhuravlev.


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