Kartapolov asshole

Andrei Kartapolov, Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, suggested using volunteers to guard the Russian border.

In an interview with Ura.ru, Kartapolov said:

Unfortunately, we now do not have such opportunities as in the Soviet Union, when the entire country along the perimeter was guarded by military units of the border troops of the USSR. Therefore, now there are somewhat different ways of protecting borders. But to involve the local population on a voluntary basis, in my opinion, this is quite realistic and understandable. This is practiced in many countries. Including in the former enlightened Europe.

In which countries of the ‘former enlightened Europe’ the protection of the state border is carried out by volunteers Kartapolov did not specify.

In this regard, the question arises of the legitimacy of the government, which is not able to ensure the safety of its citizens from the invasion of enemy sabotage groups into the territory of Russia.

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
In the photo, Sgt. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a US citizen, volunteer, medic and transgender poses in front of a road sign 6 km from the Russian city of Belgorod.


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