Moskvich JAC JS4

Chinese JAC JS4 cars sold in Russia under the Moskvich 3 brand will be recalled due to problems with the translation from Chinese into Russian in the media system.

The Chinese planted a big pig on the Russians. In the media system of the sold cars ‘Moskvich 3’, navigation in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Far East is made in Chinese.

In addition, the media system tries to block video files if the combination ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is present in the title.

Sales of the JAC JS4 car under the Moskvich 3 brand started in December last year. During this time, 86 cars were sold. All of them will be withdrawn for bug fixes.

China has been eyeing Russian territories for a long time. Border disputes about the fate of Primorye were conducted from the 17th century until the signing of the Beijing Treaty, according to which Northern Manchuria, now the Khabarovsk Territory, came under the jurisdiction of the Russian Empire.
In some circles in China, they do not agree with such a division of the territory and consider the Khabarovsk Territory to be part of China.

Last summer, after Volkswagen, BMW and other automotive giants closed assembly shops in Russia, an agreement was reached with the Chinese company JAC and assembly of JAC JS4 cars under the Moskvich 3 brand was launched.

So-called ‘assembly shops’ are essentially legal car smuggling officially authorized by the state. At the main production located outside of Russia, a “car kit” is assembled – a fully finished car with bumpers and seats removed. A marking VIN number is applied to the body parts, indicating that the car was made in Russia. Car kits are sent to Russia where they are finally assembled and the cars are delivered to dealerships. This allows you to evade customs duties.


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