The leader ‘Rodina‘ party, Alexei Zhuravlev, told viewers in the program “60 Minutes” that in Denmark there is a brothel for zoophiles:

Take Denmark the same. What’s up with their brains? They have the first .. This one.. the charade opened up to zoophiles. Can you imagine? For zoophiles in Denmark officially works.. You can come there, I don’t know, rape a turtle!

Alexei Zhuravlev was the victim, though not so innocent, of a crude prank. A brothel for zoophiles in Denmark was first written about by the tabloid in 2017 and was exposed by Russian blogger Rustem Agdamov.

After that, the fake about brothels for zoophiles in Denmark was repeatedly replicated by other tabloids and finally reached Russia where it was published by some propaganda sites.

After such an emotional performance in the program ’60 minutes’, Alexey Zhuravlev was attacked and harassed in social networks. Almost every post by Zhuravlev on Twitter is greeted by crowds of haters, images of turtles are inserted or a politician’s blunder is remembered in another way.

Alexey Zhuravlev received the humiliating nickname “the Turtlefucker“, which, however, does not prevent him from continuing to take part in the program “60 Minutes” and tell the audience other amazing stories.


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