Attack on Wagner headquarters

After journalist Sergei Sreda reported on his Telegram channel that he had visited the headquarters of Wagner PMC, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on the building.

There is visual evidence of at least one wounded from the Wagner group and the destruction of the building in which the headquarters was located.

Wagner headquarters building destroyed

The fighters from the Wagner group themselves report 54 dead and that the war correspondent is to blame for their deaths:

At that time, Evgeny Prigozhin, ‘Putin’s chef’, was at Wagner’s headquarters. Ukrainian publics reported that Prigozhin was killed in a missile attack, but this information was not confirmed.

This is not the first time that Russian journalists have inadvertently given away the location of important military installations. So in March of this year, the landing ship ‘Orsk’ was badly damaged in the port of Berdyansk. This happened after a Russian journalist made a report while next to the ship.

Popasna, Ukraine.


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