A microcomputer was stolen in Skolkovo

A resident of the Russian innovation center ‘Skolkovo’ copied the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and passed it off as his own development.

The developer of the ‘new’ Russian microcomputer ‘RainbovSoft’ directly states:

The Russian single-board computer Repka Pi 3 is designed as a full-fledged alternative to the Raspberry Pi 3, made in a completely identical form factor, including overall dimensions, dimensions and location of the main interfaces, locations and sizes of holes for mounting, pinout of the GPIO connector.

Indeed, outwardly Repka Pi 3 is completely identical to the Raspberry Pi.

According to RainbowSoft, Repka Pi 3 is 10-15% faster than Raspberry Pi 3, but this is certainly not true.

The Repka Pi 3 microcomputer has 1 GB of RAM and can compete with the Raspberry Pi 2, but not the Raspberry Pi 3.

The Russian manufacturer simply copied the NanoPi K1 Plus form factor and installed electronics from an early version of this microcomputer into their microcomputer.

Where the production of Repka Pi 3 will be located, the developers did not specify, but most likely Chinese companies will release Repka Pi 3.

As an operating system, Repka Pi 3 uses its own OS based on Ubuntu OS.

We have already written about how the Russian military development turned out to be a Chinese toy and about how the Russian company ‘Kronstadt’ passed off a drone with ‘Aliexpress’ as its own development.

Such is the ‘import substitution’.


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