Дезертиры из Южной Осетии

300 contractors sent to war with Ukraine left their places of deployment and went to the location of their military unit.

The reason for the mass desertion was the attitude towards the fallen Ossetian fighters on the part of the command of the Russian armed forces, which includes contract service fighters from the unrecognized Republic of South Ossetia.

In mid-March, one of the South Ossetian fighters blew up on a mine. His comrades wanted to take the corpse, or rather the body parts that remained and send them home.

However, the general (his name is not called), at whose disposal the fighters from South Ossetia came, said that he would send an empty coffin to the relatives of the murdered man and did not allow the collection of the remains of the soldier who had blown up on the mine.

This caused a sharp discontent of the Ossetians, who considered such behavior offensive.

Insider reports:

And they wanted to take his body to go home. It’s just that for us Ossetians, the body of a deceased friend is sacred. And to them their general, the chief said: what a body, we will send an empty coffin. They say: we are warriors, we are not cowards, but so that you are sent to slaughter, and then your corpse is not taken away – we do not need this. And they came out. And yesterday we returned to South Ossetia.

Also at the disposal of journalists was an audio recording of the conversations of ossetian servicemen:

It’s a ******* [catastrophe]. They took us away and wanted us to die and our elders to get “heroes.” The guy died there, many died. They were fired upon, then they withdrew. One guy was all booby-trapped. He died and his infantry group came back. Then [сослуживцы погибшего] they went to the elder and said, let’s go up to him and pull him out, he was torn apart. And at least some parts of his body will be taken, well, there is a head to send something home. And the eldest says, “Send an empty box, an empty zinc box, so they know he’s dead.” And our guys went berserk. They wanted to kill him there. And he has a guard of 10-12 people, so that no one will give him his mother *******[rape] . They led us to our deaths. So we will come and talk to people, and even we can go to the square to say that we were led to certain death.

Now all Ossetian servicemen have arrived at the location of the 4th Guards Military Base in Tskhinvali.

While their fate is not known, it is likely that they will be prosecuted for desertion.



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